Op-Eds & Media Appearances

As part of the project, we have written a number of op-ed pieces on the Northern Ireland dimension of Brexit and potential Human Rights Act repeal.  These are available for downloading below.

Today FM, Ireland and the Backstop (28th January 2019)

BBC Newcastle, The Backstop and Brexit (22nd January 2019)

Proceed to Phase Two. All systems go for Brexit?

BBC Radio, Newcastle Brexit and Northern Ireland

Victoria Derbyshire: Brexit 

Channel 4 News Fact Check Brexit and the Border

Brexit-ing Northern Ireland: The Challenges Ahead

A House of Cards?

Brexit: the next legal steps on the road out of Europe

#Brexit and the potential losses to the UK’s (and Ireland’s) ‘Comparative Advantage’

Brexit’s Bogeyman: The Much-Maligned Court of Justice of the European Union

No winners on either side of the border in a Brexit world

How the EU played a key role in smoothing relations between London and Dublin

Your Irish Granny Could Save Your EU Citizenship

Brexit: Theresa Villiers misleading on return of Border controls

A New Constitutional Settlement for Northern Ireland: Queries from International Law