Book, Policy Papers & Evidence



Our book  Bordering two unions Northern Ireland and Brexit is available to purchase here or to download  open access copy here. It is also available via the google book store free of charge.

It includes discussions of the Irish border, trade, citizenship, justice and rights and constitutional change.



We have written a number of policy papers which are available below,

Evidence before Select Committees or other UK Parliamentary Bodies, including oral testimony is also available below as are links to academic papers.

Commentary on the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and the Ireland Protocol

Commentary on the Joint Report A ‘Constitutional Conundrums: Northern Ireland, the EU and Human Rights’ Project Report

Policy Paper: Northern Ireland and the Brave New World of Brexit

Policy Paper: The Common Travel Area: Prospects After Brexit

Policy Paper: Brexit, Ireland and Northern Ireland

Policy Paper: The Place of Northern Ireland within UK Human Rights Reform


Dr Sylvia de Mars before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee & Evidence

Response to the House of Lords EU Select Committee Brexit: Devolution Inquiry

Response to Northern Ireland Affairs Committee ‘Northern Ireland and the EU Referendum’ inquiry

Response to Exiting the EU Committee, ‘The UK’s Negotiating Objectives’ Inquiry

Response to Northern Ireland Affairs Committee ‘Future of the Land Border with the Republic of Ireland’ Inquiry


Briefing Document on Human Rights Reform and Northern Ireland

Open Access: ‘Constitutionally questioned : UK debates, International
Law, and Northern Ireland.’ BTC Warwick and A O’Donoghue (2015) 66(1) Northern Ireland Law Quarterly 93-104.

Open Access: The Implications of the Good Friday Agreement for UK Human-Rights Reform. O’Donoghue, Aoife, Murray, CRG & Warwick, BTC (2017). Irish Yearbook of International Law